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Masks help stop the spread of corona virus

Step outside your door without having a breathing filter in Hong Kong, Seoul or Tokyo, and you will well get a disapproving look.

But there’s been reason to believe masks would at the very least be somewhat effective, determined by studies with the spread of droplets of cloth we expel while coughing or sneezing. And a recent analysis suggested a big band of individual studies collectively pointed to their effectiveness. But that analysis left a large degree of uncertainty regarding how effective they’d be at the people level and exactly how breathing filter use would interact with other policy decisions.

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Which kind of nose and mouth mask will best protect you from coronavirus?

“With the arrival from the pandemic, we must know the way face recognition technology deals with masked faces,” said Mei Ngan, an author from the report and NIST computer scientist. “We have begun by focusing on how an algorithm developed ahead of the pandemic may be impacted by subjects wearing custom face mask. Later come early july, we prefer to test the truth of algorithms that have been intentionally developed with masked faces in your mind.”


In the early days with the pandemic, many governments warned the population against wearing face masks for fear demand could leave frontline health workers without vital supplies and that it may lull people in to a false a sense security. Some – like the US – have since reversed that advice. The state of Utah has stated it’s going to supply a free breathing filter to the citizen who requests it. And other countries for example the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Morocco, Turkey and Germany have got all made wearing masks in public areas mandatory. It is likely others will track their lead since they ease restrictions.